Does it take too long from inspection to payment?

With Tapigo, your maintenance cycle time can be reduced from weeks to days.

Could you be doing more inspections/repairs?

With Tapigo, your technicians can generate more revenue because they aren’t in the office doing paperwork.


  • Increase Revenue

    By streamlining the process, you can accomplish two or more inspection/repair cycles per property per season with your existing book of business.

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    Increase Margins

    By eliminating manual, paper-based processes, you can focus your technician’s time on billable work rather than administration.

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    Increase Scalability

    By standardizing the workflow and eliminating the manual administration required, your profit center can grow beyond your current book of business.

  • Reduce Cycle Time

    With a seamless flow throughout the service process, you can significantly reduce your DSO (Days Sales Outstanding).

  • Increase Contract Compliance

    With better tracking and reporting, you can keep your clients aware of the frequency of inspections and the associated services identified and performed.

Is the inefficiency of your irrigation process restricting your growth?

With Tapigo, your team can do more enabling you to increase your book of business.



Free 1-Month Trial

You and your staff can try out Tapigo® free for 1 month. We’ll help you get the most out of your evaluation by providing you an on-boarding specialist who can assist your staff with training and answer all of your questions. As you near the end of your trial, you will receive email notifications reminding you to enter your credit card information. You will then be billed one month later based on your usage throughout that month. As always, you have the option to cancel at any time.

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Are you being paid for all of your work?

With Tapigo, all of the services identified and performed are tracked with actual labor and materials until they have been invoiced.


Technology is an important part of my growth strategy. Tapigo fills the gaps in my other solutions and has been a significant differentiator for me in being able to provide an increased level of professionalism and transparency with my clients.
By adding electronic inspections, I grew my irrigation maintenance revenue by 80% year over year with the same book of business by being able to increase the number of inspections. I'm looking forward to seeing what we do this year using the entire Tapigo solution.

Do your clients trust your level of service?

With Tapigo, it is easier to be transparent with your clients and the details associated with your service.